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In what city did the delicates me to write the constitution for Indiana

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Q: What issue divided the delegates?
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What issue did the convention of delegates refuse to settle in 1787?

There were several, but I bet the one you're thinking of was slavery.

How did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention deal with slavery?

By counting 60% of slaves for the purposes of representation and taxes. All delegates to the Convention recognized that this was an imperfect compromise to a difficult issue, but many of the delegates redesigning American government didn't want to deal with slavery at all. by counting 60% for all slaves--APEX

What determines how a candidate is chosen when no candidate wins a majority of votes in a primary election?

The primary elections are for delegates to the National nomination convention. Not all states have them and the way in which they select delegates varies. Sometimes the delegation is divided in proportion to the vote, sometimes the one with the most votes get all of the delegates. Sometimes the primaries are only advisory information for the delegates. If no candidate has a majority of the bound and committed delegates by convention time, delegates are all free after the first ballot to vote as they choose. Ballots are taken and deals are made and delegates switch votes until finally one candidate has a majority.

Why did delegates settle on a federal form of government instead of a system in which power was not divided between state and national governments?

The delegates settled on a federal form of government instead of a system in which power was not divided between state and national government because they believed that it provided for a much stronger national government with a chief executive (the president), courts, and taxing powers.

What issue or issue divided the Republican party into three groups?

Taxes, society, immigration, and the economy were the issues that divided the party into three groups. Those three have divided and created a lot of commotions for the Republican party. This thus created divisiveness inside the party and thus for the country as a whole.