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John Paul Jones secured the exchange of British captives for the freedom of American prisoners of war. He also captured a British ship carrying uniforms, winter clothes, and provisions to British soldiers in America, thus depriving them of necessary equipment and aiding the Americans.

In addition to this, Captain Jones developed the war tactic of attacking the enemy's home country so they will focus their attention on saving their country and not so much on attacking the American coasts. In fact, Captain Jones was the first person to attack England with a warship since the Vikings first came there.

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Q: What john paul Jones do that are so important?
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What was john paul Jones childhood?

John Paul Jones was born to a gardener and enjoyed spending many of his childhood days in the garden. He also enjoyed boating and so became a Scottish sailor.

What was john paul Jones childhood like?

John Paul Jones was born to a gardener and enjoyed spending many of his childhood days in the garden. He also enjoyed boating and so became a Scottish sailor.

John Paul Jones said what famous words?

"I have not yet begun to fight". Captain John Paul Jones said this during the famous battle between Bonhomme Richard and Serapis on 23 September 1779. It seems that some of Jones's men cried for surrender, but not John Paul Jones! Captain Richard Pearson of Serapis asked Jones if he had surrendered. Jones uttered the immortal words: "I have not yet begun to fight!" So, at least, Lt. Richard Dale later recalled.

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ANSWER:John Paul Jones was born in Scotland, in the year of 1747. He eventually lived in France. However, he was accused of killing a man there, so he fled to America in 1773.

What was the impact of John Paul Jones contribution to America?

He was the first naval hero.. So during the revolutionary war he was a big part of the win

The bonhomme Richard was commanded by what man?

The USS Bonhomme Richard was so named and commanded by the "Father of the U.S. Navy", Captain John Paul Jones.

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John Paul Jones was an American Naval Admiral in the Revolutionary War. After the war, he went to Russia. There he became a General for Catherine the Great. He discovered that the Russian Army lost a battle due to tremendous corruption by the quartermasters. His attempts to get back to the Empress were blocked by the crooked Generals so he went to Paris. He lived there for the rest of his live. No, he led Russian troops.

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