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Q: What joins your hand and arm?
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Where the hand joins the arm?

Its called the wrist! Surely you knew that!

Analogies Hand is to palm as foot is to?

toes because hand joins the arm as toes join the foot

What joins the lower arm and the upper arm?

The upper arm is the humerus, the lower arm is made up of the radius and ulna. The joint connecting the upper is called the humeroulnar joint.

What do you call the part of the body which joins the lower arm and upper arm bones?

da elbow honey x

Is your thumb connected to your arm or hand?

Your thumb is connected to your hand and your hand is connected to your arm.

What has more sensory the arm or the hand?

I assume it would be the hand because the arm is less used and the hand has at least 50,000 senses and is a main sense it would be handin conclusion, the hand would be the main and best answers for this particular question concluding that the arm is from bottom hand to arm socket

Which bone joins the ribs to the top of the arm?

I believe you are looking for the clavicle. It connects the sternum to the scapula.

What is the thin part of your arm that joins your hand?

That's your elbow .... the inner (flex side) is also called the cubital space. (Thus a cubit [see the bible] is the distance from the inside of your elbow to the tip of your middle finger.)

What is the difference between arm and hand?

An arm is what you used to type the question. The hand is what I used to type this answer.

Who invented the hand-arm machine?

The inventor of the hand-arm machine was Larry Carl Cook II

Is a hand a part of the arm?


How do you arm fart?

your hand has to be wet then squish both of you hand then it farts