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A whole new government.They wanted to protect peoples rights.They all agreed that's the government needed to be strong,But not to strong.

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Q: What kind of government did the delegates want to set up?
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What type of government is it when officials want to set up a government set up by religious officials?


What did most of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention believe the secret of a good government is?

Power should be set against power, so that no one faction would overwhelm the others. The secret of good government is "balanced" government.

What kind of government did the Soviets set up in 1948?

a communist :)

How was the outcome of the Quebec Conference a compromise for Macdonald?

The outcome was that the delegates agreed on seventy-two resolutions that set out which powers each level of the government would have.

Why did delegates want a Bill of Rights?

They wanted protections against tyranny of the central government.

What kind of government did the constitution of 1791 set up?

an absolute monarchy

What kind of government did Sparta set up?

a military based one

Delegates at the constitutional convention wrote the set of government rules that is still used today true or false?

Most of the provisions written by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention of the United States are still used today. The way the president is elected has been modified.

What type of government did the adventurers want to set up in the Bahamas?


Why did the delegates add a Bill of Rights to the constitution?

The constitution set up the powers of the government but did nothing to address the rights of the people, which is a big part of the the revolution and the years following it were about.

What Hammurabi helps you at?

it was the first system of rules and control. kind of a strict government set up.

What kind of government did the article of confederation set up?

It set up a weak democracy. Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government was weak and had little power. There was a legislature, but no executive or judicial branch.