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Q: What kind of government does Costa Rica have?
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What is Costa Rica's government like?

Costa Rica's government is Republican and the governor is Oscar Arias Sanchez.

How did the government of Costa Rica functions?

The government in Costa Rica functions as a constitutional democracy or presidential republic.

What kind of housing does Costa Rica have in rural?

there are many houses in Costa Rica

What kind of shots you need to go to Costa Rica?

---- no shots are required to go to costa rica.

What kind of economy is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a free market economy similar to the US.

Is Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica accredited by Costa Rica government and other countries?

yes it is !

What is the government of Costa Rica?

demacratic repulic

What countries has a long history of democratic stable government Cuba Nicaragua Costa Rica or El Salvador?

costa rica

What kind of sports do Costa Rica play?

Some sports played in Costa Rica are football, soccor, cricket and basketball.

What type of jods do they have in Costa Rica?

The kind of jobs they have in Costa Rica is to farm and plant crops or the work in an famliy business .

What kind of military protection does Costa Rica have?

Costa Rica doesn't have a military, but the only thing closest to military they have is a police force.

What kind of eletirc do they use in Costa Rica?