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The Southern Colonies were one of the most fertile parts of the country. The vegetation included tobacco and cotton. There were also natural greens that grew.

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Q: What kind of plants were in the southern colonies?
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What kind of water did the southern colonies have?

Southern water, of course!

How and why did the southern colonies grow-?

The Southern Colonies had a warm and damp climate, that meant growing plants easy.

What kind of work were in the southern colonies?


What kind of transportation was used in the southern colonies?

horse and buggys

What kind of diseases were there in the southern colonies?

lime disease. And flu.

What kind of people settled in the southern colonies?

English,Scottish, and enslaved workers

What southern colonies?

the southern colonies were places.

What was the technology in southern colonies in 1700's?

Plantations consisted of only kind of technology

What are the Three regions of colonies?

the new England colonies, the middle colonies, and the southern colonies

What kind of government did the Southern Colonies have in the 1600's?

a Royal colony, that's what my teacher said?

What kind of crops did the southern colonies rely on?

Indigo, Wheat, and Corn. Those are some of them but not all of them.

What kind of native Americans lived in the southern colonies?

Algonquians,Iroquois, Wampanoag,ect. I ROCK!!!