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The desks are gifts by Queen Victoria. They are made of a ship that was from Spain, that got lost in the Arctic, but was found a rescued by whalers. The ship was summoned to England, where it was retired. When retired, Queen Victoria had to desks made out of the wood. The Twin Resolute Desks. The desks are actually "twins", but they both share an important secret. They both have half a map, to Cibola, a city made out of solid gold, which is told to be under Mount Rushmore.

The twin Resolute Desks' are puzzled in a way that it's drawers act as tumblers, like that of in a safe. The combination to the safe is told by urban legend to be on the torch of the Statue of Liberty, in Paris, France. (not the one in New York City) The combination is told to be 1876, a year, but of what is unknown.

Once you get the combination for the Statue of Liberty, you must go to the Buckingham Palace, in the United Kingdom. The desk in located in the Queen's Den, like the Oval Office in the Whitehouse. Lay under the drawers, on the bottom will be numbers, pull the number out of each drawer, to make the number 1876. When you do this, the corners of the desk will pop out, twist the corner piece to the side, until it no longer goes, then push the corner back in. When done to all sides, a compartment pops out of the desk, this is were your secret map is hidden. But this is only half a map, the other half is located it the Whitehouse, in the Oval Office, to be correct.

Go to Washington, D.C. Go to the Whitehouse, but remember, it will be very difficult to get into the Whitehouse, once you figure out how to get in the Oval Office, go to the desk. Open the drawers like you did in Buckingham Palace. Here the compartment will just pop out, you won't have to turn the corners. The problem now is the other half of the map is no longer there, at one point, a president found the secret compartment, and placed the information in a secret book, The Presidents Secret Book. Find this, and you have your map to Cibola. Now go and TRY! (not really)

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There are ancient Chinese puzzle box scematics in the desk that can reveal a hidden slot which may comtain a very rare object.

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Q: What kind of puzzles are in the resolute desks?
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Are the resolute desks Puzzles?

yes, the resolute desks are both puzzles.

How many resolute desks are there?

"The Twin Resolute Desks." There are two.

Does resolute desks have that secret codes under it?

No there isn't any code underneath the desks

Where is the desk which is considered to be the second resolute desk?

There are two Resolute desks, one of which is located in Buckingham Palace and the other of which is normally the desk in the Oval Office of the White House (though some presidents have used other desks). The desks are named after HMS Resolute, and are made from her timber.

Is 1876 the code from the resolute desk?

Yes. The code is 1876. There are numbers on the bottem of the draws. On both Resolute Desks.

Where are the Resloute Desks?

The Resloute Desks are desks made out of a ship, made for Queen Victoria. They're are two desk. One located in Buckingham Palace, the other in the Whitehouse. They're told to be puzzles. Search "How are the resloute desks puzzles?" for that answer.

What are the resolute desks?

the resolute desks are two tables made of timber from the HMS resolute a ship given to queen Victoria as a peace offering. one residing in the oval office the other in the queens study within buckingham palace. the resolute desks are two tables made of timber from the HMS resolute a ship given to queen Victoria as a peace offering. one residing in the oval office the other in the queens study within buckingham palace.

In national treasure book of secrets what was the code for the 2 desks?

It was on the Statue of Liberty in Paris where they find the inscription from Laboulaye: Across the sea these twins stand resolute to preserve what we are looking for. Laboulaye 1876. And 1876 is the code needed to open the secret compartment in both the resolute desks.

Did the two Resolute desks have a code?

What do you mean by "a code"? The two desks were made of timbers from HMS Resolute when she was decommissioned. One is in Buckingham Palace and the other was presented to the United States and is in the White House. All except three Presidents since 1879 have used this desk, either in the Oval Office or in the President's private study.

What was one of the puzzles Malcolm Gilvary made?

The resolute desk in the Oval office, as well as its twin in Buckingham Palace.

Did they use the REAL resolute desks in National Treasure Book of Secrets?

NO it is a replica of the real one but the real one doesn't have secrete compartments

Where do the twin resolute desks reside?

Yes, Queen Victoria had two identical desks made from the timbers of HMS Resolute, one of which became the Resolute Desk of the Oval Office. There is however some controversy over the location of the twin desk.