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The land that Martin Frobisher explored was Canada. He was one of the first explorers there but was unsuccessful at finding the Northwest Passage, which was the main discovery he set out to make.

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Q: What land did Martin fobisher explore?
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Why did Europeans explore different territories?

The Europeans wanted to spread Christianity, increase their wealth through mercantilism, and enrich their treasures. They also wanted more land.

What is the significant martin v hunters lessee?

The significance of Martin v Hunter's lessee deals with the power of state and federal courts. This case established that the Supreme court (federal) has supremacy over state courts, and that state courts must hold decisions made by the supreme court. The disagreement over the Northern Neck Propriety in Virginia between Thomas Martin (who inherited the land from his brother Denny Martin, who had inherited it from his uncle Thomas Lord Fairfax of England) and David Hunter, who was granted the land from the state of Virginia after the state passed a series acts allowing them to confiscate loyalist-held land, began in the state court. The Court of Appeals upheld Hunter's claim to the land. Martin appealed with a writ of error to the Supreme court. After many appeals between courts, the Supreme court claimed they held power over state courts through the Constitution, and the Judiciary Art of 1789. The case ended with Martin gaining his land, and the Supreme court establishing supremacy over high state courts.

Where did Giovanni da Verrazano explore?

He explored much of North American Coastline

What president hired Lewis And Clark to explore the west?

Thomas Jefferson hired Lewis & Clark to explore the west.

Why did people risk their lives to explore and settle the New World?

Because they were desperate for the land. They needed to expand to a larger area, and wouldn't mind risking their lives. They also didn't want any of the other countries to claim it before they did.

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What did Martin Frobisher explore?

Two find the Northwest Passage

What land did Magellan explore?


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What land Robert la salle explore?

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