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Q: What landmark is closest to Jefferson memorial?
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What landmarkes is found closest to the Jefferson Memorial?

The U.S. Official Landmark closest to the Jefferson Memorial is The Korean War Veterans Memorial.

What landmark is found closest to the Jefferson Monument?


What two memorials are found closest to lincoln memorial?

The Thomas Jefferson memorial

What to memorials closest to Lincoln Memorial?

yes there is more then one memorial near the Lincoln memorial there is the Jefferson memorial;)

What two monuments are found closest to the Lincoln Memorial?

i think it is libray or the white house

What two memorials are found closest to the Lincoln memorials?

The Thomas Jefferson memorial

Who was the Jefferson Memorial built to honor?

The Jefferson Memorial was built to honor Thomas Jefferson.

In the phrase 'Jefferson Memorial' should memorial be capitalized?

Yes. The title of the monument is the "Jefferson Memorial" as a result, memorial is capitalized.

Is the Lincoln memorial a national landmark?

The Lincoln Memorial was made a national memorial in 1911.

When was the jefferson memorial dedicated?

The Jefferson Memorial was dedicated on April 13, 1943, which was 200 years after Jefferson was born. The memorial began construction in 1938.

What is a landmark on the us penny?

It is the Lincoln memorial

What landmark is in Hyde Park?

Albert Memorial