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While not perhaps the first language in many countries, English seems to have become the general language for communication between the peoples of this planet.

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Q: What language serves in more countries than any other?
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What language is spoken in more latin American countries than any other?

Spanish is the language spoken in more Latin American countries than any other, as it is the official language of most countries in the region.

Why is Spanish spoken more than any other language in latin American countries?

In Latin America, more people speak Portuguese than any other language. Spanish, however, is more widely spoken. Spanish is spoken in most countries because they used to be territories of Spain.

Why does the English language has 26 letters and other countries have more or less?

Every language makes its own rules and uses as many letters as it needs.

Is Egyptian language used in other countries?

The language of Modern Egypt is Arabic, which is spoken in more than 20 countries. However, Arabic dialects vary greatly, and the dialect spoken in Egypt is unique.

Which is the most widely spoken Semitic language?

Arabic is the most widely spoken Semitic language, with more than 310 million native speakers. It serves as the official language of 25 countries, predominantly in the Middle East and North Africa.

Is dutch spoken in more countries than German?

Dutch is the official language of seven countries. German is the official or minor language of 16 countries.

How many countries have Hindi as their official language?

Hindi is the official language of one country: India.

Do people still speak Romanian?

The official language in Romania is the Romanian language; the Romanian language is the mother language for more than 93 % of the population. The Romanian language is also the most important language in the Republic of Moldova. In other countries are more than 3 000 000 Romanian language speaking people.

Countries in which more than one language is spoken?

India, Canada, Switzerland, and South Africa are examples of countries where more than one language is spoken widely.

Are there more French-speaking countries than Spanish?

There are more Spanish-speaking countries than French-speaking countries. Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, with 21 countries officially speaking it, while French is spoken in 29 countries.

Do more countries speak spanish or french?

More countries speak Spanish than French. Spanish is an official language in 21 countries, primarily in Central and South America, while French is an official language in 29 countries, primarily in Africa and Europe.

Which two countries are the only ones that have english as its major languages in europe?

A lot more than two countries in Europe have English as a major language. These include England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Malta. English is widely spoke in many other countries too, though not as an official language.