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French, English, German and the language of love, I guess.

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Q: What languages did mata hari speak?
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What are the yanomami's languages?

The Yanomami speak a language called Xirinian. Between the villages some parts of the language differs but the people can understand and communicate to each other.

Who were the info-europians?

I think you mean the indo-Europeans. The term 'Indo-European' refers in most cases to a group of languages with common linguistical roots, not so much to people. There are some 450 languages today with Indo-European roots, European languages like English, Spanish, German and Russian just being four of them. Almost half the people on this planet speak an Indo-European language. The "Indo"-part of the name is caused by the fact that several eastern languages, notably Indian and Iranian dialects and languages, have the same roots as most European languages.

What effects did the missions have on native Americans?

The missions didn't help the Native Americans. Many were killed by the priests and put into mass graves ( the graves are still there), they were not allowed to practice their cultural rites or to speak native languages, and they were required to work at the mission. I think even worse than the mission system was the government Native American schools. Children were taken from their parents and tribe to live at the schools. They were not allowed to speak native languages or learn the traditional things about their tribe.

What are the name of baba gurinder singh dhillon s mother?

respected mata mohinder kaur ji

What different speech do ameracons use to English?

The majority of Americans speak English as a first language. Other languages spoken in the United States include Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese, Yoruba, and Urdu, among many others.

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Is Mata Hari single?

No, Mata Hari is not single.

How tall is Mata Hari?

Mata Hari is 5' 10".

Is Mata Hari tall?

Mata Hari is 5' 10".

When was Mata Hari born?

Mata Hari was born on August 07, 1876

What actors and actresses appeared in Mata Hari - 1920?

The cast of Mata Hari - 1920 includes: Asta Nielsen as Mata Hari

Does Mata Hari have kids?

Yes, Mata Hari has 2 kids.

How many children does Mata Hari have?

Mata Hari has 2 children

Does Mata Hari have children?

Yes, Mata Hari has 2 kids.

How many kids does Mata Hari have?

Mata Hari has 2 children

What is Mata Hari's birthday?

Mata Hari was born on August 7, 1876.

When was Mata Hari released?

Mata Hari was released on 12/31/1931.

What was the Production Budget for Mata Hari?

The Production Budget for Mata Hari was $558,000.