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It lays basic ideas of a government of any country.

It formulate the political system of a country

It provide safe guard against absolute power of government.

It safe minority against absolute domination of majority class.

It preserves cultural values and social concept of a country as well as give place to social change.

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Q: What law is the constitution?
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What is the surpreme law of the land?

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land in America.

If a law violates the US Constitution it is said to be?

If a law violates the US Constitution, it is said to be unconstitutional.

Did the 1789 constitution allow states to position their constitution above the federal constitution?

No. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution (Article Six, Clause 2) states that the Constitution (and, by extension, federal law) are the law of last resort, and thus, that no state law (or constitution) can supercede them.

What document is the highest law in the nation?

the United States Supreme Court

What contains the highest authority of law in the US?

which source law in the united states is the hightest authority

What is the difference between conistitution law and constitution?

Constitution law refers to the body of laws that interpret and apply a country's constitution. The constitution, on the other hand, is the fundamental law of a country that outlines the structure of the government, sets out the rights of citizens, and defines the powers of the government. In short, constitution law deals with the interpretation and application of the constitution.

What is this a supreme law of the land?

I know that the right answer is the US constitution.

Who is the head of the Australian constitution?

The Constitution is the highest law, there is no head of the Aussie Constitution as such...

What is the difference between Philippines constitution and Philippines law?

The only difference is that constitution is the paramount law directly approved by the people while law are merely based on constitution and they are proposed by the congress.

What is the define of unconstitutional law?

It's when a law is in conflict with another amendment within the Constitution or another law. Or generally, a law that is wrong to have and defies the Constitution alone.

Would state law be overturned if it violated to constitution?

state law would be overturned it it violated the constitution

What is the supreme law of Illinois?

The supreme law of Illinois is the US Constitution followed by the Illinois state constitution.