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The Great Depression

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Q: What led most directly to increased government involvement with regulating business and its dealings with society?
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What Role of government in promoting and regulating business in Nigeria from independence to date?

What is the role of govt in promoting and regulating and regulating business in Nireria from independence to date

How can explain the role of government in regulating business in India?

The Indian Government play many roles in PermissionContact EnforcementConsumer ProtectionEmployee protectionEnvironmental protectionandTaxation

What will happen if the business in the US had zero government intervention?

Some speculate that the market will continue to flourish without government involvement. Others claim that government involvement is necessary in order to make businesses act ethically.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of government involvement in business activities?

The advantages of government involvement in business activities is that it helps regulate the prices of commodities as well as ensure only quality products are in the market. The disadvantages include interference with the business activities and levying high taxes among others.

What terms means the reduction of government control over business and other activities?

Deregulation of business refers to a reduction of government. With more control over, government has less involvement in businesses, which is why it is considered to be a smaller government.

How does business influence government in Australia?

Business attempts to keep the government in Australia from over regulating it. They also attempt to keep taxation of profits to a minimum and they try to influence labor laws to maximize workforce efficiency.

Which decade saw the most development in business ethics?

1980 because of introduction of government involvement in development and guidance of ethics

What was a significant impact of the progressive movement on american life?

It increased government regulation of business

Why did critics disapprove of the Tennessee valley authority?

Power companies resented the cheaper energy which was available through the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The power companies also felt that the government's involvement in the power business was unconstitutional.

What type of unit is charged with regulating business?

a comission

Which type of unit is charged with regulating business?

an authority

What impact has the government had on the business of building vehicles and regulating safety?

Huge We went from polluting unsafe boxes on wheels to padded, air bag equipped, much less polluting cars due to government regulation.