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Differences on foreign and domestic policy led to the nation's first political parties.

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Q: What led to the rise of political parties?
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What development led to a change in the electoral college system following the election of 1800?

The rise of political parties

Did The constitution provided for the rise of political parties?


Did Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had opposing political views that led to the creation of two political parties.?

No. Washington didn’t believe in political parties and there weren’t political parties in 1789.

What is the Rise of independents?

The rise of independents is the rise of politically independent voters and candidates. political parties is the exact opposite.

How did the rise of political parties affect the electoral college?

Political parties began to effect the outcome of some of the Electoral College results. There were ties due to political loyalties.

What was the result of the fracturing of George Washington's cabinet?

the rise of political parties

What are the political parties in Libya?

Political parties are starting to develop in Libya with the rise of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, the Democratic Party, Islamist political groups, secularists, etc.... During the Gaddafi era, Gaddafi himself banned political parties.

What did the conflict over Alexander Hamilton's financial program lead to?

The rise of political parties

Is it true or false that political parties are mentioned in several places in the Constitution?

False. The Constitution does not mention political parties. The framers of the Constitution did not anticipate the rise of political parties and did not include any references to them in the document.

Which of these is true regarding political parties in the United States?

Parties provide a voice for people with common political interests

What is the people's participation in political parties of India?

the rise of unemployment can a reason for this. i think that peole have no work with them thus they go out of houses during elections and help political parties. sometimes they are paid for it also.

How did the creation of political parties change politics in the United states?

The development of political parties led to more polarized debating and the consolidation of different interest groups under one banner.