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city government

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Q: What level of government fixes potholes in roadways?
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Is there a ray gun on every level of campaign if so where?

only on one level little resistance you have to go int one of the little potholes full of water and stay there for two minutes.

What if your Lincoln ls ac comes on and off the 134 - a is at the right level what could be some fixes?

check cooling fan

If level 1 snow emergency do government workers work?

During a level 1 snow emergency, government workers are expected to report to work as usual. This level indicates that roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. However, employees should take caution and follow safety guidelines when traveling to work.

What level of government has the most power in the constitution?

The level of government with the most power in the constitution is the Federal Government, followed by the state and then local government.

What is the granting of powers from central government to government at regional or local level?

local level

What is intergovernmental revenue?

Funds that one level of government receives from another level of government.

Is a national government the same thing as a central government?

I am assuming by level, you mean level of government. There is no distinction between government on a national level and government on a federal level. The federal level of government is the highest tier of government because its central to the nation. It represents a union of states. Those union of states form a nation. So you see how the two terms are interchangable, and can be used synonymously. The federal government is government on a NATIONAL level.

How does the Government encourage an increased level of productivity by doing what?

How does the government encourage an increased level of productivity

What is the mayor's level of government?

For the most part that is at the City level,although some counties have Mayors.

The highest level of local government is what?

Is the county level

What is the level of government closest to Americans?

Local Government.

Which level of government has enumerated powers?

The Federal Government