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Really it applies to them all but it depends which right you are refereeing to

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The Bill of Rights only applies to Congrefs. It says what Congrefs may and may not do, but it says nothing about what states may or may not do. The Fourteenth Amendment extended many of these restrictions to the states, and thus to any local governments that are creations of the states.

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The Bill of Rights originally applied to the Federal Government.

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The Bill of Rights was originally intended to apply only to the federal government.

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Q: What level of government was the Bill of Rights originally intended to affect?
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How does the censorship affect the government?

Limited the freedom of expression and the rights

How does government authority affect citizen's rights?

it affect the citizens right by not letting them vote at what age they want

How did changes in government policy in the 20th century affect the rights and freedoms of aboriginal people?


What are the administrative units in the government made up of?

The administrative units of the government are the government entities that has the authority to affect the rights of others. The administrative units of government are responsible for rule making.

How did the comprimise of later adding the bill of rights affect your constitutoin?

It insured the rights of allUS citizens due to fear of an over-controlling central government. #

How do the constitution of 1787 and the bill of rights affect the way that the us government works today?

I need this answer too

Does government opposition to same-sex marriage affect teenagers?

If the teens are gay or are supporters of gay rights, then yes.

How might the form of government affect the role of the citizen in Cuba?

Cuba has a dictatorship, which limits the voting rights of the citizens.

How did the strong belief in states rights affect the south during the war?

They were getting no say in the government because most of the government was made up of delegates from the north.

How how does the bill of rights affect us in your daily lives?

The government does not give too much weight on the bill of rights because it hinders their mass control efforts so it is the citizens duty to protect it in fact people in power in the government are the main violators of our rights. So watch out!

What is a domestic policy?

Domestic policy can be defined as a policy which publicly deals with laws and government programs that affect the borders. It covers a range of things from education to personal rights to personal rights and freedom.

How did the magna carta and the English bill of rights affect colonial government?

The Magna Carta limited English king's power and in some parts the Bill of Rights did the same, They were both intended at first to give the "New American's" freedom to practice the religion of their choice, that was the main point of both of them.