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80 degrees east longitude

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60 degrees east

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Q: What line east of longitude runs through the ural mountains?
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The Ural Mountains in Russia are considered to be a part of the boundary between Asia and Europe What line of east longitude runs through these mountains?

80 degrees east longitude

The Ural Mountains lie amost exactly on what line of longitude?

The Ural Mountains lie almost exactly on the 60 degrees east line of longitude.

The Ural mountains in Russia are considered to be part of the boundary between Asia and Europe what line of east longitude runs through theses mountains?

60 degrees

The 60 degrees East longitude line runs through this sea?

Arabian Sea

What imaginary line on the globe do longitude lines measure?

Longitude lines measure how far (in degrees) you are East or West of the Prime Meridian (which is a longitude line that runs through Greenwich, England and is designated as 0° longitude).

Lines of longitude that passes through south Africa?

-- Sweden ranges in longitude from 11° to 24.2° East. -- Greece ranges in longitude from 19.4° to 26.6° East. -- Zambia ranges in longitude from 22° to 33.7° East. So, any 'line' of longitude between 22° E and 24.2° E passes through all three of those countries. There are an infinite number of them.

What is a sentence for fault line?

The drifts follow a major fault line which runs east and west through the mountains.

Which line of longitude is labeled 0 and separates the east hem from west?

the prime meridian, which is the line that goes through Greenwich, England

What is the longgitude and latitude of the Ural Mountains?

it is the imaginary line that divide the mountain longitude is from up to down is the direction while the latitude is from west to east AM I RIGHT

Is the International Date Line a parallel or a meridian?

It is nominally a meridian (a line of longitude) that runs from north to south through the western Pacific Ocean. The basis for the line (which has been moved east and west in several places was the longitude line that is both 180 degrees East and 180 degrees West.

What line of longitude runs through the ural mountains?

60 degrees east. It is considered to be the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. They range has a lenth of 2,500 km and a width of 150 km and lie in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Baghdad lies near what line of longitude?

Baghdad lies near the 45 east line of longitude.