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Q: What literary device consists of a pair of contradictory words or ideas?
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What literary device is used in th following quote The Mechanical hound slept but did not sleep lived but did not live?

This quote uses paradox, a literary device that combines contradictory ideas in a way that creates a sense of tension or mystery. The phrase "slept but did not sleep" and "lived but did not live" suggests that the Mechanical hound has a complex and mysterious existence.

Is personification imagery?

Yes, personification is a type of imagery that gives human qualities to non-human objects or ideas. It is a literary device that helps create vivid and imaginative descriptions in writing.

What lit device is used in i was within and without simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life in the great gatsby?

Paradox is the literary device used in this sentence. It presents contradictory elements by juxtaposing opposing ideas, such as being enchanted and repelled at the same time. This adds complexity and depth to the narrator's feelings and perception of life in "The Great Gatsby."

Why The author of a humorous story has purposely made some ideas and events seem less important than they really are. Which literary device is the writer using?

The author is using understatement as a literary device by deliberately downplaying the significance of certain ideas and events for comedic effect. This technique creates a humorous contrast between the reader's expectations and the actual portrayal in the story.

A literaty device in which one object represents something else?

This literary device is called a symbol. Symbols are often used to convey deeper meanings or ideas beyond their literal interpretation in a text.

What the literary term that fits this definition dark light?

The literary term that fits this definition is "oxymoron," which refers to a figure of speech that combines contradictory or opposing ideas (such as dark and light) to create a specific effect or meaning.

What is the difference in pun and oxymoron?

pun is the imagination and oxymoron is 2 unlike things

They knew not of what is an illustration of what literary term?

The phrase "they knew not of what" is an example of anastrophe, a literary device where the typical order of words is inverted for emphasis or poetic effect. It is commonly used in literature to create a sense of importance or to draw attention to specific words or ideas.

WHAT speech gives inanimate objects or ideas humanlike qualities?

Personification is the literary device that gives inanimate objects or abstract ideas humanlike qualities or attributes. It creates vivid imagery and helps the reader connect more deeply with the subject being described.

What is a figure of speech that combines two opposing or contradictory ideas?

antithesis is a noun. you can't antithesis anyone. just like you can't say he is an antithesis person. but you can say that this poem shows great antithesis.

What is difference between metaphor and allegory?

An allegory is a literary device and an extended metaphor with analogous meaning in perception or abstractions in social,historical or political ideas/events to conceal or reveal a criticism.Metaphor is comparison by identification or substitution two unlike objects/ideas used one for the other.

Why did the theory of utilitarianism come about?

Making more when it serves a higher principle of the state. This was contradictory to and created by expansionist ideas.