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The Pharaoh was the supreme religious authority. The Pharaoh was believed to be, not so much a man or a king but, a God.

Religion and Government were not separated in ancient Egypt.

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Q: What made Pharaoh so important in the government?
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Why was it useful to the pharaoh to be thought of as a god?

it was important so that the Pharaoh would be worshiped by his people.

How were pharaohs made?

Pharaohs weren't 'made'. Pharaohs were made pharaohs because they were the son of the original pharaoh, and the original pharaoh could not serve as pharaoh any longer, so the title of pharaoh was passed down to the son.

What was the pyramid supposed to represent for the pharaoh?

it was bascally just a sign of how powerful the pharaoh was, how much money he had, etc. so the bigger it was, the more important the pharaoh was

Why is pharaoh Huni so important?

he.... um.... he built half of a pyramid

What is the antomyn for Pharaoh?

I'm nt sure if there is a specific antonym for pharaoh, but pharaoh's were very important people to the Egyptians, so maybe a PEASENT, or BEGGAR, or REGULAR CITIZENS.

What where the pharaohs expected to do to ensure a good government?

idk, i was looking for the answer myself. someone tell me if they find the answer!

What did queen hatshepsut do that was so important?

Pharaoh Hetshupsut promoted trading through out Egypt and in parts of Africa. She also was the first woman pharaoh.

What was the richest Pharaoh?

Pharaoh Ramses II because he was a strong military leader. This made the Egyptian military stronger, this allowed them to become prosperous (successful) because they were unbeatable by neighboring societies ca

What were the ancient Egyptian government officials other than the pharaoh?

Yes! His right hand man was the Vizier the second most important person in the land. The country was divided into regions known as nomes over which the Pharaoh appointed a nomearch. There also thousands of scribes and petty officials who made up a sort of civil service. This civil service was not so well organized as in China or later in Ancient Rome.

Who was Ramses the great snd why was he so important?

Ramses the Great was the pharaoh of the Exodus. He was important because he respected for his politics and cultural and religious in notations.

Why was ancient Egyptian society structure like a pyramid?

It was built like a pyramid because, so you can see who was most important. On the top of the pyramid we have our Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was like a king. The Pharaoh ruled ancient Egypt. Next we have the Government Officials. The Government Officials job was to assist the pharaoh in his or her role as supreme ruler of Egypt. Now we have the Priests. The Priests were very Religious, that's why their 3 on our social pyramid. Here comes the Scribes on our social pyramid in 4th place! Scribes were very hard working. Make way for the Artisan's. Apparently it has the word ART in it so that means they do art. Last but not least we have our low class. The Peasants. Peasants were just the towns people. That was a literal Social Pyramid!

Why is the bill of rights so important American government?

It is important for citizens to know about the Bill of Rights because, the Bill of Rights is made up of the ten commandments:)