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"If I told you I would haft ta kill ya"

lol .But yes. some do exist but they are not what they used to be. mafias in the old day were family or really close trustworthy people and friends., but too many untrustworthy people have been let in and the mafia crumbled. that and the F.B.I. keeping a track of them

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Q: What mafia families are still around?
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When did the mafia stop?

We are still around.

Is the Detroit mafia still around?

I ain't saying nothin' You can't make me.

What are members of Rome's richest and most important families called?

Members of Rome's richest and most important families are referred to as the Mafia. The Mafia originated in the country of Italy.

Is The Irish Mafia still around?

Yeah, they are, but they aren't as powerful like they once were in the past.

What does mafia means?

It means crime families according to my book

How many family members can you have in Mafia Wars?

so far there is no limit on how many family you can have on your mafia family but you can only take 500 mafia families to attack.

What does narco mafia mean?

It means crime families according to my book

Are the Gangster Disciples still around?

The Gangster Disciples are pretty much defunt, it's not too many of them still around, most of them are in the Black Mafia Family now.

Are there anymore black mafia family members out?

The Black Mafia Family used to be an independent gang, but they are now officially in the Crip Alliance, under the ''Mafia Crips'' set. So, yes the Black Mafia Family is still around, but now they're called the Black Mafia Family Crips.

Can you delete a friend and still keep them in your mafia on Mafia Wars?

I have 505 mafia members, and I have deleted at least 30 mafia friends with no change to my mafia count.

Are Black Mafia Family Gangster Disciples?

The Folk Nation doesn't even exist anymore, the Gangster Disciples are still around, but they're under the Black Mafia Family.Side Notes:The Gangster Disciples are NOT Crips, they do NOT wear the color blue, the Gangster Disciples(as well as all gangs under the Black Mafia Family) wear black.

Mafia family names?

one of the big but still undected mafia familys is the smiths also the collions family were close to the smiths