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The introduction of barb wire to ranching. This led to range wars over lands and the herds of cattle.

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Q: What major change in cattle ranching occurred in the 1870s?
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Why was there a cattle boom in the 1870s?

The cattle boom occurred because people started to settle down after the Civil War. It became practical to own a lot of cattle at this time.

Why did cattle ranching become profitable in the 1870?

Cattle ranching became more profitable in the 1870s because of the railroad. It cost much less to send cattle or their meat using the railroad.

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What brand did charlie goodnight use on his ranch?

Charlie Goodnight used the "Rocking Chair" brand on his ranch, which he established in the Texas Panhandle in the 1870s. The Rocking Chair brand became synonymous with Goodnight's ranching operation and legacy in the region.

How did western railroads contribute to the cattle industry during the Gilded Age?

Railroads allowed cattle farmers to sell more cattle because they could transport them faster and farther than ever before. The trains could also take cattle to places where it was not possible to move them along trails. The Gilded Age was the period of time from the 1870s to 1900.

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