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Natual Resources, Military, Wealth, Population, World Allies, Global Position

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Army - Without army the country would loose every war/fight!

Army also has to have armor - without armor the soldiers die and without the soldiers = NO WIN!

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in my point of the most significant points are: 1 wealth 2 size of the land 3 good army 4 government

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Q: What makes a country a great power?
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Which country had great military power in the early 1700's?

The country that had great military power in the 1700's was Great Britain.

What makes Malaysia a great country?

malaysia is a great country because it is humid warm and is next to singapore

Which country was not a great power in the 18th century?


Who is the source power in the country of Great Britain?

house of commons

What type of power does coal make?

coal makes heat and electrical power when burned down. By: Big Country

Island country that generates a great amount of power from nuclear energy?

Great Britain is one example

Why does the country chairperson have so much political influence in the country?

The county chairperson often has a great deal of political power in the country

What country was not a central power of worl war1?

Any country that wasn't Germany or Austria, Great Britain, France or the USA.

What country became dominant world power as a result of the Napoleonic wars?

Great Britain.

The country of Ghana gained independence from what European colonial power in 1957?

Great Britain

The country of swaziland gained independence from what European colonial power in 1968?

Great Britain

What 's the main power of the president?

To keep the general welfare of the country good or great.