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Chester A. Arthur

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Q: What man became President when James Garfield died in office?
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Who was the vice president after James Garfield died?

When James Garfield was assassinated, his vice president, Chester A. Arthur, became president. Arthur did not select a vice president when he took office in 1881, and seems to have completed Garfield's term without a vice president to assist him.

When did James A. Garfield become president?

James Abram Garfield became president on March 4, 1881. Garfield was elected in November of 1880.

What did James A Garfield become?

Garfield's highest office was President of the United States.

Was Garfield the president when he was shot?

Yes, James A. Garfield was assassinated while he was in office.

Who was vice president while James Garfield was president?

Chester A. Arthur was the Veep and became president after Garfield died.

Why didn't Chester Arthur have a vice president in office?

Vice President Chester Alan Arthur became President on September 20, 1881, after the death of President James Garfield.

What was James a Garfield's occupation before he was president?

Garfield taught l in high school and college and served a a college president. He studied law and became a lawyer before he ran for office. He served in Congress before he was President.

Who were the candidates that ran to becoming the 21 president which chester arthur became?

No one. Arthur was vice-president under James Garfield, who was shot and killed in office.

When was James A. Garfield elected to office?

James Garfield was president in the year 1881

How old was James Garfield when he became president?

He was 49 when he took office in March of 1881. He would have turned 50 when he had his birthday in November had he not be killed.

When did Chester Arthur run for president?

He didn't. He was VP under James Garfield, who was shot and killed during his first year in office, so then Arthur became president.

Which president was assassinated after 100 days in office?

James Garfield was the man.