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If your meant American General the answer is Mad Anthony Wayne. He was an general for the Americans during the American Revolution or my accurately the American War for Independence.

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Q: What mareican general was known as mad Anthony?
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Who was mad Anthony?

Brennan Huff Brennan Huff

What was General Anthony Wayne's nickname?

Anthony Wayne's nickname was "Mas Anthony" because, a misconception arose that it meant he was wild, reckless and careless. This was inaccurate. But it was popularized by the famed novelist Washington Irving years after the Revolutionary War ended. Others have thought that the nickname was given to Wayne because he always seemed to lead his men into the hottest spots during battles. But the real reason was that Anthony Wayne had a legendary and fiery temperament. He bristled at any hint of incompetence or challenge to his honor. In fact, at the Battle of Paoli, a reason some of his officers complained about Wayne's conduct was due to his angry treatment of an officer. The hapless subordinate had incorrectly reported that some pickets had disappeared from their post. While Wayne was "hot-blooded" about some matters; he was equally "cold-blooded" when in actual battle. He shunned danger and consistently led from the front lines. The nickname "Mad Anthony" came about several years after the Paoli Massacre. Wayne, like George Washington, was a strict disciplinarian and demanded obedience and loyalty from his men. But he also was very loyal to them, struggling constantly to improve their circumstances. Muster rolls of the Pennsylvania Line show that many of his soldiers repeatedly returned to fight under him. Many of his friends, neighbors and fellow Chester Countians served with him. One of these was an eccentric who had his own nicknames. He was known as "Jemmy the Rover" to some and "the Commodore" by others. Wayne occasionally used him as a spy. But his wandering tendencies made him a chronic deserter, despite punishment by lashings and stints in the blockhouse. In 1781, local constables jailed Jemmy for disorderly conduct. He told his jailers that he was Wayne's good friend and demanded to be set free. When the constables refused, Jemmy asked that a messenger be sent to General Wayne to order his release from jail. But when Wayne heard, hid anger flared. He refused to intervene and added that if it happened again, he would order, "29 lashes well laid on". Jemmy could not believe his ears when he heard Wayne's reply. Jemmy muttered, "Anthony is mad. He must be mad or he would help me. Mad Anthony, that's what he is. Mad Anthony Wayne". This humorous tale spread around the Continental Army campfires and was repeated by soldiers in the ranks. "Mad Anthony Wayne" had a rhythm and cadence that caught on and stuck. Mad Anthony's nickname became a "nom de guerre".

Who were the American political and military leaders during the Revolutionary War?

During the Revolutionary war, the Commander-In-Chief was the man who'd become the first President, George Washington. The most notable commanders beneath him were Benedict Arnold and Mad Anthony Wayne.?æ

Who was the general of Continental Army?

George Washington was Commanding General of the Continental Army. Some other major generals were Benedict Arnold (traitor), Horatio Gates, Nathaniel Greene, Henry Knox, Benjamin Lincoln, Israel Putnam, Philip Schuyler, Freidrich von Steuben, Marquis de Lafayette and "Mad" Anthony Wayne.

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Who was the general at the battle of fallen timbers?

The general at the Battle of Fallen Timbers was "Mad Anthony" Wayne.

Who ordered his small force of men to attack the entire army of General Cornwallis?

"Mad" Anthony Wayne

Who signed the greenville treaty?

It was signed by General "Mad Anthony" Wayne and Representatives from a dozen indian tribes.

How Wayne county get its name?

Many Wayne counties in the US are named after Revolutionary War General, "Mad" Anthony Wayne.

How old is Anthony Wayne?

General Anthony Wayne (aka Mad Anthony Wayne) was born on January 1, 1745 and died on December 15, 1796. He would have been 51 years old at the time of his death.

What general did William Henry Harrison serve under in the battle of The Fallen Timbers?

General Anthony "Mad Anthony" Wayne(1745-1796) commanded the US army at this battle of August 20,1794.

What nicknames does Anthony Macias go by?

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Who were the major in the battle of iwo jima?

General Holland Smith also known as "howling mad"

How did Anthony Wayne a patriot die?

"Mad Anthony" Wayne died of complications from gout.

Who was mad Anthony?

Brennan Huff Brennan Huff

Is Bruce Wayne's fictional name is a combination the names of a Scottish Patriot a US Army general?

The name "Bruce Wayne" was derived from the Scottish hero, Robert the Bruce, and the Revolutionary War general, "Mad" Anthony Wayne.

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