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a government

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A constitution

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Q: What must a nation have to enact and enforce policies?
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What must a nation have in order to enact in enforce policies?

a government

What must a nation have in order to enact and enforce a policies?

a government

What is the rational activist model?

Rational-Activist Model: Public exerts pressure electorally. Representatives must enact policy demands of the public or the public will elect some else who will enact those policies.

To achieve its goals what must a government enact?

The government must enact laws to achieve its goals.

When government policies are enacted what does that mean?

When a government enacts a policy, it means that they are making it a law. Before the government can enact a policy, it is first presented as a bill and must be voted on by members of government.

What is meant when someone says the United states is a nation governed by the rule of law?

Those who write and enforce laws must obey the law, too.

Can a business enact a law?

No, businesses do not have the power to enact laws. Laws are only enacted by legislative bodies such as government bodies or elected representatives. Businesses may, however, have policies or rules that govern their operations and interactions with customers and employees.

What must citizens do to enact change in theocracy?

Nothing at all ._.

In order to achieve its goals a government must enact?


To reach the goals of the public agenda policies may be implemented or laws must be passed?

Yes, policies can be implemented to address public agenda goals through government actions and initiatives. Laws can be passed to provide a legal framework to enforce these policies and ensure compliance from all stakeholders. Both policies and laws play a critical role in achieving the objectives set by the public agenda.

What are three sentences for the word enforce?

Officers must enforce the law.Teachers enforce rules to teach discipline and order. I wanted to enforce my decision that no one can smoke in my house.

Why must states enforce minimum wage laws but not gun laws?

Your question is an incorrect statement. Why do you think states must not enforce gun laws? They do.