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the two boys are white...

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Q: What nationality are the boys?
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What nationality is trinity?

Trailer Park Boys.

What is the nationality of the beach boys?

USA natives.

What is Liam's nationality?

All of the boys from One Direction are from the UK and Niall is from Ireland.

Is it wrong to only like boys that are Asian and not from your own nationality?

No, nothing wrong with it.

What nationality is the name VanBenschoten?

All I think about the name VanBenschoten is that the name is a boys name.

What nationality is Liam Payne?

All of the boys from One Direction are from the UK and Niall is from Ireland.

How do you say a boys nationality in french?

It depends on the nationality. If I were to say you are English and you're a boy I would said anglais. If you were a girl, I would say anglaise. If you were French and a boy I would say français; if a girl, française. The female form of a nationality always end in "e". But it really just depends on the nationality.

What nationality are the boys in Lord of the Flies?

They are English, perceived as classic "British" school boys, although Ralph, ( a predominant character in the book), is seen as the perfect Aryan boy.

Do Mexican boys get timid when they like someone?

Being timid when you like someone has nothing to do with what nationality the person is. It is just the way some HUMANS are.

What is the wwes the big sHow is nationality?

The Big Show Has 5 Kids 3 girls and 2 boys there names are miley,sarah,catlin,michael,edward

What are all of the iconic boys nationality?

Vinny Castronovo--Italian-Puerto Rican Nick Mara--Italian-Irish Mikey Fusco--Italian-Puerto Rican

What is Robert Recorde's nationality?

Robert Recorde's nationality nationality was welsh