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Perchik from "Fiddler on the Roof" is a student from Kiev, which is in Russia.

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Q: What nationality is Perchik?
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When was Simon Perchik born?

Simon Perchik was born in 1923.

What has the author Simon Perchik written?

Simon Perchik has written: 'Hands Collected' 'Redeeming the Wings' 'Snowcat Poems 1980-1981, to the Photographs of Robert Frank' -- subject(s): Artistic Photography, Poetry 'Hands Collected: The Books of Simon Perchik Poems' 'Who can touch these knots' 'The Autochthon Poems' 'Twenty years of hands'

Is Perchik Jewish?

He represents the modern Jew with new beliefs and traditions

Who is perchik in the musical fiddler on the roof?

Perchik is a young, rebellious student from a university in Kiev. He wants to marry Tevye's daughter, Hodel. He ends up getting arrested for protesting against the Tsar and is sent to prison in Siberia.

Who sings sunrise sunset in Fiddler on the Roof?

Most of the cast including Tevye and Golde, Perchik and Hodel.

What has the author A I Perchik written?

A. I. Perchik has written: 'Kratkii slovar'-spravochnik po ekonomike neftegazodobyvayushchei promyshlennosti' 'Ekonomika osvoeniya morskikh mestorozhdenii nefti i gaza' 'Nalogooblozhenie neftegazodobychi' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Natural gas, Petroleum, Taxation 'Ekonomika i organizatsiya rabot po oprobovaniyu skvazhin'

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