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That is a very good question! This answer is good for both the Florida Court System and the Federal Court System. The first change that should be made is to remove each and every judge from the bench who has ruled according to anything but our U.S. Constitution, and replace them with judges who will rule by it. Secondly, make it very clear to every judge that their duty is to rule according to the Constitution, not public opinion or pressure from lobbyists or their own opinions. Also, make it clear that it is not their job to make arbitrary rulings that serve to make laws from the bench. Perhaps I could just shorten this and say, "Require them to read and understand the U.S. Constitution, and to serve in their capacity of judges according to the Constitution and nothing else." * There is a vast difference in federal and state lawand the application of the US Constitution. The US Supreme Court is the only court of the land that has the legal power to interpret federal laws and the way they apply (if at all) at the state level. Supreme Court judges are appointed for life and cannot be recalled or dismissed except by the President (in rare instances Congress) or by the Justices themselves resigning or retiring. The same "fixes" that might apply at a state level would not apply nor be legally possible at the federal and vice-versa. The vast majority of judges, attorneys and other legal personnel are competent and legally correct in their application of exisiting laws. It is not the system, it is the misuse of the legal system, by a powerful politicians, corporate lobbyist and other such unethical individuals. The American justice system is for the most part equitable and ethical. It is, however, often perceived to be just the opposite by those persons who have had dealings within the justice system that did not work out to their advantage. *Comment posted in the Discussion area.

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The partisanship will always be biased

we need complete governmental reform

it probably not gonna happen

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Q: What needs to be amended to change the federal court system?
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federal court system.

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What court system that deal with the us laws?

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