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Q: What neighboring state is due south of Montgomery Alabama?
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What neighboring state is due south Montgomery Alabama?


What neighboring state is due south of Montgomery?

Florida because Florida is right under Alabama

What state is right below Montgomery Alabama?

Florida is due south of Montgomery Alabama.

Which state has Montgomery as its capital?

It is the Capital of the US State of Alabama and a former Capital of the Confederate States of America.

What city is Alabama State located?

Montgomery,Alabama Montgomery,Alabama

What is Montgomery Alabama?

The Capital of the State of Alabama.

Which city is the capital of the state west of Georgia and east of Mississippi?

Montgomery, Alabama.

What Alabama's State capital?

The capital of Alabama is Montgomery

What part of Alabama is Alabama state from?

Montgomery, AL

How many state capitals has Alabama had and what were their names?

Cahaba, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa have all served as the state capital of Alabama. Montgomery is the current state capital of Alabama.

What American state's capital is Montgomery?

Montgomery is Alabama's capital

What state has the capitol Montgomery?

Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama.