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Most importantly, perspective.

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Q: What new art technique was developed to make painting more realistic?
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Why Chinese used paper?

Well Chinese People used it to make clothing and to write on

What is the definition of a developed country?

a developing country is a country in which the factors are being improved and advanced to become a developed country. an example of a developing country would be Mexico because it is still being improved to make the country better to live in.

Why did George Washington stand up while crossing the Delaware River?

While it would be fun to say that is was to get to the other side, the truth is that he wanted to attack Trenton, New Jersey. He crossed it on 24 December and attacked on 25 December 1776 taking the Hessians by surprise. The Hessians surrendered, making the battle at Trenton the first American victory in the Revolutionary War.

Where did writing develop?

Once men found that they could make marks to signify syllables and sounds, there was no longer a need to draw pictures. By 3000 BC, the Sumerians, the Hittites, the Babylonians, and the Assyrians developed cuneiform writing, a system of wedge-shaped marks impressed in clay that was able to completely express the various languages. By 1700 BC, the Minoan Empire had developed and actual script. The wedge shaped figures disappeared, and people began to write in flowing curves. But it still represented only items and ideas and, at the best, a few syllables. An alphabet was needed. It arrived a thousand years after the onset of the Minoan script, and it began a whole new era. The ancient Romans gave us most of our modern languages. Their language was Latin, the basis for most of the Western tongues. The actual shapes of the letters we use in print today are descended from the shapes of the early Roman letters. Then, writing came to another stand still. The alphabet had been formalized, standard shapes for all the letters had been adopted, and that was it. Learning to read was a luxury because it was so difficult to obtain reading material. A new invention was needed - a way to make many copies easily and cheaply. The date was 1440 and it marked man's first use of movable type.

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When it was established in 1607 it was a military style of organization. The 104 men were sent by investors to make them money on the investment of sending them to VA. This was not suppose to develop into a colony. The men established the fort in an Native American empire of 14,000 and built on the worse land in the area. Within six months only 34 men were still alive. It wasn't until the introduction of tobacco by Rolfe that the colony became a viable growing town.

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What techniques did Rene Magritte use in his paintings?

Magritte used a highly illusionist painting technique to make the viewer think about the real object and the painted imitation of the object. In his painting "The lovers", he uses realistic painting techniques and questions the sense and meaning of the work.

Why did Caravaggio use the technique of foreshortening?

He used foreshortening to make more realistic pictures or to involve the viewer.

A painting within a painting is a technique used when?

Adjusting color hues and reducing the size of objects to make them seem farther away

How do you make a model of the hissing cockroach?

You can use a variety of materials such as clay, paper, or cardboard. Painting it will make it look more realistic.

What did the realistic school of painting and literature tried to?

The realistic school of painting should be taught the children how they express their feelings & connect them with creativeness and make it as a realistic thing. Anyone can feel the message behind of it. After many searches, I found Euro Art Studio organization which provides the proper guidance in art & I took admission of my child in it.

What technique does Defoe use in Robinson Crusoe to make his fictional narrative appear realistic?

Defoe uses a technique known as verisimilitude in Robinson Crusoe to make his fictional narrative appear realistic. He achieves this by incorporating detailed descriptions of everyday activities, realistic character development, and a focus on practical details of survival on a deserted island. By grounding his story in realistic elements, Defoe creates a sense of believability that draws the reader into the world of Robinson Crusoe.

What technique did Leonardo da vinci use in his painting of virgin of the rocks?


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What painting Fernando amorsolo make?

ang alaM kouh lang is realistic but im not sure 2 my answer .... realistic is also known as conversation art . It shows an actual likeness to the real objest of the artwork

What major contribution did the Greek make to art?

They developed the first mathematical system of painting perspective

What major contributions did ancient Greeks make to art?

They developed the first mathematical system of painting perspective

What techniques were introduced in painting and sculpture during the Renaissance?

Artists began using perspective, depth, and proportion to make their art appear more realistic.