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Q: What new assumptions did Kennedy and Johnson make about the proper role of government?
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What correction should be made to this sentence - Both his wife Mrs Johnson and Mrs Jackie Kennedy were present when he was sworn in?

Both his wife Mrs Johnson and Mrs Jackie Kennedy were present when he was sworn in... The first thing is, who is his and he? The sentence is supposed to refer to 2 different men, but leaves the reader confused because pronouns are used rather than proper nouns. A pronoun should directly follow the proper noun which the pronoun represents.Second, the sentences confuses as to when-- before Kennedy's death, or after?Third, you shouldn't end a sentence with 'in'.Examples:(with Kennedy being sworn in)Running mate, Lyndon B. Johnson, his wife, and Mrs. Jackie Kennedy were present when John F. Kennedy was sworn into office.(with Johnson being sworn in, after Kennedy's death)Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, his wife, and Mrs. Jackie Kennedy were present when Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into office as the President, after John F. Kennedy was assassinated.NOTE: Re-using proper names in a complex sentence avoids confusion of pronouns. Also, after saying "his wife", you don't need to say "Mrs. Johnson" because it is redundant, e.g. repeating yourself.

Plural form of Kennedy?

The possessive form for the proper noun Kennedy is Kennedy's.examples:Kennedy's mother will be picking us up at four.Mr. Kennedy's dog is a dalmatian.

Is david Johnson a proper noun?

David Johnson is a proper noun; all persons names are proper nouns; all proper nouns are capitalized.

Did John F. Kennedy liked History?

no, but he liked proper grammar

What part of speech is Mr Johnson?

Johnson is a proper noun, the surname of a person; mister is a common noun, a word for a male person. In the use, Mr. Johnson (abbreviated title), the noun Mister (Mr.) is used as a title for a specific person, a proper noun. Together they are a proper noun.

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"Dear Mr. Johnson" 'Dear Ms. Johnson" Dear Mrs. Johnson" any one of these will do just put in their proper name.

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What were Teddy Roosevelt assumptions about the proper role of government especially with regard to economic concentration?

President Teddy Roosevelt thought the President should act as a "steward of the people." He felt that the president should be able to do whatever needs to be done for the public good as long as it wasn't illegal.

How do you convert a proper noun into a proper adjective?

To convert a proper noun into a proper adjective, you would use the proper noun as a modifying word to describe a noun. For example, "France" can be turned into the proper adjective "French" to describe a person or thing related to France.

How did adam smith describe proper role of government?

Adam Smith said that proper role of government was not functional. He said it was a failed state.

What is a common noun of the Dr.Johnson a proper noun?

Examples of common nouns for the proper noun Dr. Johnson are:mandoctorprofessionalprovidercitizen