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Many could become Buddhas

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Q: What new belief helped Buddhism become popular with the masses?
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What new belief helped Buddhism become popular with masses?

Many could become Buddhas

What belief helped Buddhism become popular with the population?

Buddhism rejects the Hindu caste system, a controversial aspect of Hinduism.

Do you become a animal when you die?

It depends on your belief's...Buddhism teaches that there is life after death IF you live a good life...if you don't you become a life of lower rank such as an animal..but i kind of personally want to be an animal :D hope this helped

What is the main color of capillaries?

Mainly Red and Green but unlike popular belief, they are not blue. Hope the answer helped :)

Who helped establish Buddhism?

Siddartha Gautama

How did Columbus mistaken belief in a westward route to china help him to secure the men necessary for his expedition?

In Columbus' time, governments were funding westward expeditions that were looking for new routes to China and India. His mistaken belief helped him because it was popular at the time.

Which two beliefs systems were adopted by the three kingdoms in 4th-century AD Korea?

Confucianism and Buddhism were the two belief systems adopted by the three kingdoms in 4th-century AD Korea. Confucianism emphasized the importance of filial piety, respect for authority, and social harmony, while Buddhism introduced new religious concepts and practices to the Korean people. The combination of these belief systems helped shape the cultural and religious landscape of ancient Korea.

What did Ashoka's son Mahindra did?

He helped spread Buddhism.

What is the impact of Buddhism on Indian culture on the basis of religion?

Buddhism helped promote vegetarianism--the practice of ahimsa, or nonviolence.

Who is the great mauyra king who helped spread Buddhism?


What helped spread Christianity Islam Buddhism And Hinduism?


Who is said to have helped spread Buddhism?

King Asoka who sent messengers to many countries e.g. Sri Lanka, about Buddhism.