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The Bill of Rights was passed due to the objections of the anti-federalists. They protested that the Constitution does not contain a list of rights for the citizens of the United States.

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Q: What objection to the constitution led to the adoption of the Bill of Rights?
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What was Jeffersons main objection to the constitution?

There was no Bill of Rights

Who fought the adoption of the Constitution until the bill of rights was added?

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The swift adoption of the Bill of rights in the years following ratification of the constitution demonstrates the what?

Support for abolitionism.

Patrick Henry opposed the adoption of the US Constitution When it was accepted as the law of the land he did what?

statarted a campain to amend the constitution with a bill of rights

How many years passed between adoption of the U. S. Constitution and the ratification of the bill of rights?

3 years

Who opposed ratification of the Constitution until after the inclusion of a bill of rights?


Patrick Henry was influential in the adoption of which of these pieces of legislation?

You did not provide the "pieces of legislation" that we were to pick from. But I can make a good guess. He was influential in getting the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution.

The swift adoption of the bill of rights in the year following ratification of the constitution demonstrates the?

The inability of the united states to repay its debts

How did the adoption of the bill of rights address antifederalist criticism of the new constitution?

protecting the citizens from abuses of power by the national government

Why did the objection of the constitution lead to the bill of rights?

The Anti-Federalists were extremely concerned that a strong central government would result in severely weakened state power. Therefore, in order to make sure that the people retained some rights that were protected from national government intrusion, the Anti-Feds demanded that a Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution. Without the addition of the Bill of Rights, the Anti-Feds would have rejected the Constitution in its entirety and it would have not survived ratification. Therefore, because they rejected the Constitution because it originally lacked a Bill of Rights, a Bill of Rights was added to appease them.

What group opposed the constitution because it took power from the states?

They Anti-Federalists. Because of this they successfully pushed for the inclusion of a Bill of Rights after the adoption of the Constitution.

The Anti-Federalists were against adoption of the Constitution Which of these was the result of the Anti-Federalist movement?

Ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, were adopted to protect the rights of individuals.