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Constitutional rights include:

The right to practice your own religion.

The right to protest the government.

The right to have firearms.

The right to due process under law.

The right to not be forced to incriminate yourself.

The right to an attorney.

The right to not be tortured or excessively fined.

The right to not be a slave.

The right to vote regardless of gender or race.

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The Bill of Rights, which includes all amendments from the First Amendment to the Sixteenth Amendment.

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Q: What of the constitution gave rights to all citizens of the us?
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What was the most important task for congress after the us constitution was ratified?

first session of Congress: 1789 most important task: passing Bill of Rights (which gave all American citizens rights)

How did the framers try to protect the rights of citizens of the constitution?

They added the Bill of Rights in order to guarantee the basic rights of all citizens.

What does the constitution give us?

the constitution gave us rights as US citizens. although it is not has been amended, or changed. it allowed us all to become one whole person..

What part of the constitution promises protection of the civil rights citizens?

All of the Bill of Rights

What part of the constitution promised protection of the civil rights of citizens?

All of the Bill of Rights

What did The Fourteenth Amendment Constitution established?

Full rights of citizens, regardless of color

In the US how do you know what your rights are as citizens?

Read the US Constitution and all of its ammendments.

Which document list the rights of people?

In the United States the laws of the land are based on the Constitution. The first ten amendments to the Constitution contains the Bill of Rights. This lists the rights of all citizens of the United States.

According to the 9th amendment in the bill of rights if the constitution does not specifically grant a particular right to American citizens are the citizens denied that right?

No, well at this time now, (2009), the rights in the constitution apply to all amrican u.s citizens. Back when the constitution was written women or black didn't have any rights at all no matter what any one said.

The right of a citizen especially those guaranteed to all citizens of the united states?

Civil Rights

What were the two ideas the Constitution attempted to balance?

States rights versus federal rights , and individual rights for citizens versus protecting all the citizens under the law of the land.

Why did many people oppose the Constitution without a bill of rights?

Without a Bill of Rights, the Constitution lacked individual rights that should be guaranteed to all citizens. Also, some people thought that the Constitution gave too much power to the central government. The Bill of Rights made sure everyone had spelled out rights so the government can not take them away like Great Britain did.