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he served as president nixons secretary of state

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Q: What of these would be included in a biographical sketch of Henry Kissinger?
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What is the birth name of Henry Kissinger?

Henry Kissinger's birth name is Heinz Alfred Kissinger.

Who was the top negotiator during Nixon's administration?

Henry Kissinger

When was The Trial of Henry Kissinger created?

The Trials of Henry Kissinger was created on 2002-06-14.

When was Henry A. Kissinger Prize created?

Henry A. Kissinger Prize was created in 2007.

How many pages does The Trial of Henry Kissinger have?

The Trial of Henry Kissinger has 145 pages.

What is the duration of The Trials of Henry Kissinger?

The duration of The Trials of Henry Kissinger is 1.33 hours.

Who was Nixons secretary of state?

Richard Nixon's Secretary of State was Henry Kissinger.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kissinger - 2011?

The cast of Kissinger - 2011 includes: Henry Kissinger

What is Kissinger's birthday?

Henry Kissinger was born on May 27, 1923.

Who helped bring an end to the Yom Kippur war using shuttle diplomacy?

Henry Kissinger

What Nobel Prize did Henry A. Kissinger win and when was it awarded?

Henry A. Kissinger won The Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

What president did Henry kissinger work for?

Henry Kissinger worked for President Nixon. He worked for Nixon during the time frame of January 20, 1969 â?? August 9, 1974.