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senator senator

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Q: What official position does Putin hold in the Russian government?
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Who is in charge of Russia?

The Russian Government is in charge of Russia, headed by Vladimir Putin.

What nationality is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin is a Russian national.

How long or how many times is Putin allowed to be prime minister?

Vladimir Putin, for all practical purposes "runs" the Russian Federation. Opposition to him is not seen. Putin has a heavy hand in controlling government.

Who is the Russian president who succeeded boris yeltsin?

Dmitriy Medvedev succeeded Vladimir Putin as Russian President in May 2008.

What leader imposed government controls upon Russian market economy in order to deal with crime and violence?

Vladimir Putin

Where was Putin during the elections of Viktor Yanukovich?

Unspecific question. Putin was in the Russian Federation.

What was Vladimir putin Government type?

what type of government did valdimir putin run

Who leads the Russian federation?

Vladimir Putin

Who is Russias government?

Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation is located in northern Eurasia. As of 2014, it has a Federal Semi-Presidential form of government with Vladimir Putin as the President.

How do they choose their leader in Russia?

While we refer to the person as Prime Minister in Russia, the official term is actually Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. This position is appointed by the President of the Russian Federation subject to the consent of the State Duma. The Chairman can be dismissed at any time by the President or the Chairman can tender his resignation, although the President can reject the resignation and force the Chairman to continue serving.

What state does Vladimir Putin represent?

The Russian Federation

Who is the Russian head of state?

President Vladimir Putin