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An organizer. Words that start with a vowel sound use "an" instead of "a", including words that start with a silent consonant, such as "honor", as in "It is an honor."

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Q: What one is correct an organizer or a organizer?
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Where can someone purchase a Franklin Covey pocket organizer?

One can purchase a Franklin Covey pocket organizer from the official Frank Covey website. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find the correct organizer.

Is there an organizer for medicine chests?

Yes, there are many, one good organizer is the 7 day organizer from life solutions plus.

Where could one buy a travel organizer?

One could buy a travel organizer in several different places, both online and in stores. One can buy a travel organizer online at Amazon or eBay. One could also buy a travel organizer at stores such as Target or Walmart.

What does a password organizer do?

A password organizer helps one keep track of all of their passwords to personal accounts. One might use a password organizer if they have more than one password for all of their accounts.

Is a timeline a graphic organizer?

A timeline is one form of graphic organizer for research writing.

How can one make a organizer for shoes?

One can make an organizer for shoes with just the right materials and skill. By using wood and iron materials, one can build a home-made shoe organizer in little to no time.

Where can one download a mobile organizer?

Mobile Organizer software can be downloaded from many different websites online. One example is the Handheld Softpedia database, which has a few mobile organizer softwares available.

Where can one purchase a wrapping paper organizer?

There are various places in which you can purchase a wrapping paper organizer, the best place to purchase a wrapping paper organizer is the container store.

What does a community organizer do?

A community organzier is basically a mayor. (this comes from Sarah palin. But i believe this to be correct.) Dock

Where can one find a trunk organizer?

One can find a trunk organizer at many different retail stores. Stores such as Walmart or Target are likely to carry a trunk organizer. Alternatively, one could visit a specialty store that carries organization tools.

Which one of these is an entry in a synthesis organizer?

So what?

Where can one purchase a LEGO organizer?

One can purchase a Lego organizer from 'Toys R Us' where they have many available to buy. One can also get them from 'Amazon', 'eBay' and from 'Box4Blox'.