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Pickled beets and cucumber relish.

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Q: What other food do you serve with tourtiere?
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What is the french food Tourtiere made of?

The "Québec" tourtière is made of beef, pork and veal.

How do you pronounce tourtiere?

The typical pronunciation of tourtiere is "toor-tee-AIR." The emphasis is on the second syllable.

What is Quebec's most famous food?

Quebec's most famous food is pea soup,maple syrup,Tourtiere pie Sugar Pie,and Poutine and the classic french fries

Where can one purchase a 'tourtiere'?

One can purchase a "tourtiere" or, French-Canadian meat pie, from a variety of shops specializing in French and French-Canadian cuisine, such as La Maison du Roti in Canada.

What is the uses of serving spoon?

Used to serve soup and other food.

What is Tourtiere?

A meat pie usually made with diced pork, beef, or veal.

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What is a particular food Canada is known for?

Poutine and their pizza Poutine and their pizza Buttertarts Tourtiere Salt and vinegar chips Ketchup chips nanaimo bars Doesnt any one know that the correct answer is "LOBSTER"

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Food and wine, when paired appropriately, compliment each other and make the whole meal more satisfying.