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On October 10, 2007: Senate majority floor leader is a Democrat; Senate minority floor leader is a Republican. This may or may not change in the near future. The answer depends on which party held the most seats after the last election; if any senators died in office and were replaced by their home state Governor - who may or may not be from the dead senator's political party; if a senator happens to switch political parties after election (which has hapened).

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The majority leader always comes from whichever party has the majority of members in the Senate. Right now (2011), the US Senate is controlled by the Democratic party. The majority leader is Harry Reid (D-Nevada). The Republicans are in the minority, and their leader in the Senate is Mitchell "Mitch" McConnell (R-Kentucky).

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senate majority leader is Harry Reid. senate minority leader is John Boener.

Correction : Minority Leader of the United States Senate is Mitch McConnell .

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Q: What parties are the senate majority and minority floor leaders with?
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Which positions is the real power in the US Senate?

The Majority and Minority Leaders have the real power in the U.S. Senate. The Vice President of the U.S. also have a lot of say in the U.S. Senate.

Who are the current Senate majority and minority leaders?

harry reid

Who are the six Illinois Executive Officers?

The President of the Senate, Majority and Minority Leaders and Assistant Majority and Minority Leaders, Majority and Minority Whips, and Majority and Minority Caucus Chairs.

What are the leaders and there assistants in congress called?

Along party lines, the Senate has the Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Minority Leader who represent the majority and minority party in the Senate respectively. Each of these Leaders has assistants called Whips. The House of Representatives has the Speaker of the House who is elected by that majority party. The second in command is the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. There is also the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. Both of these people have Majority Whips and Minority Whips as their assistants, respectively.

Why are the majority leaders of the house and senate powerful?

Their parties have more members in it

Why are there 2 leaders for the senate?

I assume you're referring to the Majority Leader and Minority Leader. There are two because there are two major parties; each party chooses its own leader, with the party that holds the majority of seats selecting the Majority Leader.

Are Harry Reid and Mitch MicConnell are US senators?

They are Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, respectively.

What is the salary in the senate in the house?

Senators and Represetatives make $174,000. The majority and minority leaders make $193,400.

Who is the officer in charge of the senate?

it goes from speaker of the house to majority house leader

Who has the most real power in the Senate?

The most real power in the Senate is in the hands of the majority and minority leaders.

Who are the two main leaders in the senate?

The Majority Leader, who is chosen by the majority party in the Senate, and the Minority Leader, who is chosen by the second largest party. Currently Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is the Majority Leader and Mitch McConnell is the Minority Leader (R-Kentucky).

What are assistant floor leaders?

Floor Leaders are leaders of their political parties in each of the houses of the legislature. In the United States Senate, they are elected by their respective party conferences to serve as the chief Senate spokesmen for their parties and to manage and schedule the legislative and executive business of the Senate.