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the Anti Federalists opposed the constitution and worked for their state not to ratify it. Their famous leaders were Patrick Henry and George Mason

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the party that supported it was the i think the party that opposed it would be the Anti-Federalists...hope i helped

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The anti-federalists, or anti

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The Democratic-Republican Party.

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Q: What party formed to oppose the Constitution?
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Which party was formed by people who oppose slavery and to support the election of Abraham Lincoln?

the Republican Party

What political party was formed in1854 to oppose slavery and protect the interest of the north?

The Republicans.

What party did Alexander Hamilton form to oppose the Democratic-Republicans?

The question is has the order of events backward. Alexander Hamilton was a founder of the Federalist Party, which preceded the Democratic-Republicans. Thomas Jefferson lead a group called the Anti-Federalists who opposed ratification of the Constitution and later became the Democratic-Republican Party. The Federalists were first; the Democratic-Republicans were formed to oppose the Federalists.

Who formed the constitution party?

The current Constitution Party was founded in 1992 by Howard Phillips. They believe in Paleo-conservatism and Nationalism.

Which early political party formed to promote a loose construction of the Constitution and a strong central government?

The Democratic political party was formed to promote a loose construction of the Constitution and a strong central government. The Democratic Party believes the Constitution is only a guideline.

What is the origin of the Republican Party?

In the simplest terms I can think of, the Republican party was formed in the 1850s (Lincoln's days) as a largely anti-slavery party to oppose the Democrats.

Witch political party has been around the longest?

The oldest political party is the Democratic Party. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison established it in the 1790s. The Democratic Party formed to oppose the Federalist Party's policies.

Why was the 1854 Republican Party formed?

The whigs and democrats would not take a strong stand about the slavery issue --1854

Why did the delegates at the Constitution convention oppose the ratification of the constitution?

the constitution did not include a bill of right...

What is a Whig?

# A member of an 18th- and 19th-century British political party that was opposed to the Tories. # A supporter of the war against England during the American Revolution. # A 19th-century American political party formed to oppose the Democratic Party and favoring high tariffs and a loose interpretation of the Constitution.

Does the Liberals Party of Germany support or oppose same-sex marriage?

They oppose it.

Which early political party formed to promote a strict construction of the Constitution and a weak central government?