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Q: What permits a military leader to exercise the ordered use of force to achieve a desired political objective that serves the Nation at large.?
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What is a political party called?

An organization of people which seeks to achieve goals common to its members through the acquisition and exercise of political power.

What is the employment and ordered arrangement of forces?

The employment and ordered arrangement of forces is called tactics. In the military tactics are used by various military units to achieve an objective.

Who is the customer for military products with respect to quality function deployment?

In this case the customer is the commander whose troops are using those military products to achieve a mission or objective.

What is a word that describes an independent state that works with other states to achieve a shared military or political goal?

Alaska and Hawaii have no land border with the rest of the US.

Did War prove to be a Successful Means of Achieving Political objectives in the 1991 Gulf War?

It depends on which political objectives you mean. General Clausewitz famously said: "War is politics by other means." This means that political and strategic military objectives are the same thing. Tactical military objectives are things like: taking over a particular hill during a war, moving your troops into a particular area, destroying a specific military unit of the enemy, establishing a solid logistical tail for your troops. Strategic military objectives are things like destroying a whole army, taking over and occupying all or a large part of a country, killing or otherwise deposing a head of state, or taking over and holding--or destroying--an important economic and/or military resource, like a canal, strait, or shipping route, important mines, or oil fields. Strategic military objectives are, by their nature, political objectives--this is because achieving them, in and of itself, shifts the elements of power and control, between and among nations, on the big geopolitical chessboard. Getting the Iraqi Army out of Kuwait and restoring control over it to the Kuwaitis was a political objective. It kept the Iraqi border where it was before the invasion. Long term, peacetime, internationally recognized national borders are POLITICAL lines, which is why a map that shows primarily those lines and country names is called a political map. On the other hand, the Gulf War coalition decided maintaining the previously existing border between Iraq and Kuwait was their ONLY political objective. The Gulf War coalition decided that deposing the existing government of Iraq was NOT one of their objectives for the war. In retrospect, the United States saw this choice as a mistake. The Gulf War achieved the limited political objectives the coalition fighting it chose to achieve. That makes the war partially successful at achieving political objectives. The specific political objectives the coalition chose to achieve were too limited. This poor choice on the part of coalition leaders amounts to a failure at achieving political objectives. They did not achieve the political objectives that they, in retrospect, needed to achieve because they made poor choices in selecting their objectives. That makes the war partially unsuccessful at achieving political objectives. CAUTION: Instructors at secondary and post-secondary institutions frequently have poor understanding of geopolitics and some may not consider maintaining the border of Kuwait a "political objective." They may well define it as solely a military objective. If you use this answer as a starter to investigating the issue, be aware that one instructor or textbook's decision about where to draw the line between political versus military objectives may be different from another's.

The ability of the us government to achieve its national strategic objective is dependent on the effectiveness of the us government in employing the instruments of national power which are?

Diplomatic, Informational, Military and Economic

What is a Political parties?

A political party is an organization of people that wants to achieve goals that are common to its members through the acquisition and exercise of political power.

What vocabulary word describes the use of arms as a tool of diplomacy.?

"Gunboat diplomacy" is a term that describes the use of military force or the threat of military force as a tool of diplomacy to achieve political or economic goals.

What is strategic thinking?

it is based on innovations and to achieve the objective.

What is an objective in acting?

what you want to achieve in a specific scene

What are the objective of financial management . Which objective is most important and why?

To achieve the main object of the company at minimum cost.

Can military FDOs only be initiated after unambiguous warning?

What is The purpose of this principle of joint operations is to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative. It is the most effective and decisive way to achieve a clearly defined objective."