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A picture with two circles overlapping can represent concurrent powers. Picture a red circle and a blue circle overlapping; the purple section represents concurrent powers.

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Q: What pictures could represent concurrent powers?
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The Federalists believed that the powers of government could be limited by?

confining the powers of the federal government to certain narrowly defined areas and by adding a bill of rights to the Constitution.

Why did the delegates enumerate the powers of congress?

The delegates took care to enumerate only those powers absolutely necessary, aware that any more could lead to improper ends.

The Framers' most significant modification of the traditional doctrine of the separation powers was to?

ensure that the powers of the separate branches overlap, so that each could better act as a check on the others.

Why did the framers make the executive branch share some of its powers with congress?

They could see into the future.

How did the John Marshall continue to expand national government power in the Gibbons v Ogden case?

In Gibbons v. Ogden Marhsall firmly established the superiority of the US Constitution to all state law, where the two intersect. There was debate whether if state law was made first, if it could be considered superioir, Marshall settled this and said that all state law had to be made within the realm delegated to the states, and if it could possibly affect a federal realm, or another state's sovereignty, then the federal law was supreme. He also, in keeping with his decision in McCulloch, continued his argument and codification of ancillary powers that the constitution implicitly reserves for the National government. He admits that there are areas were the powers of the states and the powers of the nat'l government are concurrent, but again asserts nat'l dominance. He argues that if congress is not given an expansive view of its powers, we are trapped to the shortcomings of the articles of confederation, and that one state could in effect tax the rest of the states by restricting or taxing a good. In the Constitution he relies primarily, for textual support, on Art. 1 § 8 cl. 3 and Art. 1 § 10.

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What are concurrent powers?

Powers that are shared between the federal government and states, according to the Constitution APEX

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