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Civil Rights Act

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Q: What piece of federal legislation had the greatest impact education in America?
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What has the author Lilian Rosenbaum Winer written?

Lilian Rosenbaum Winer has written: 'Federal legislation on Indian education 1819-1970' -- subject(s): Education, Indians of North America

What items are included in the federal and state legislation list of US?

education, trade, marriage, succession, pension...etc.

What has the author Susan Learner written?

Susan Learner has written: 'P.L. 94-142, related federal legislation for handicapped children and implications for coordination' -- subject(s): Education, Law and legislation, Children with disabilities

What has the author T Susan Hill written?

T. Susan Hill has written: 'The Education Consolidation and Improvement Act of 1981' -- subject(s): Educational law and legislation, Federal aid to education

What included in the Fair Deal program?

Civil rights legislation, federal aid to education, and repeal of the taft-hartley act A+ all of the answers are correct

What has the author R A Nixon written?

R. A. Nixon has written: 'Legislative dimensions of the new careers program' -- subject(s): Federal aid to education, Labor supply, Law and legislation, Vocational education

What has the author Robert R Hamilton written?

Robert R. Hamilton has written: 'Legal aspects of school board operation' -- subject(s): Educational law and legislation, School boards 'Selected legal problems in providing federal aid for education' -- subject(s): Education and state, Educational law and legislation 'The law and public education, with cases' -- subject(s): Cases, Educational law and legislation, Public schools

What benefits are provided by Federal law for retarded children?

Federal legislation entitles mentally retarded children to free testing and appropriate, individualized education and skills training within the school system from ages 3-21.

What has the author William H McKenzie written?

William H. McKenzie has written: 'Education and Federal income taxes' -- subject(s): Income tax, Law and legislation

Where do you predict federal level grenn building legislation will be in the year 2015?

I do predict that by 2015 the federal level green building legislation will be enacted.

What concept does federal legislation of the minimum wage illustrate?

The concept federal legislation of the minimum wage illustrates is labor reform. Many states have federal wages that vary greatly from the one the federal government has instituted.

Is the National Association Pharmacy Reglulated Authorities federal or provincial legislation?