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I don't know what answer your text book may have provided but I would call them Whigs. Whigs were people who believed that government should not be very powerful so that individual liberty could be exercised to the greatest possible extent.

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Q: What political label would you give the Sons of Liberty?
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What was the name of the local political group that organized this demonstration?

The Sons Of Liberty

What political party represented Americans and challenged british control?

sons of liberty

What did Thomas Jefferson do in the sons of liberty?

Thomas Jefferson didn't do anything for the Sons of Liberty. Samuel Adams was the leader of Sons of liberty

What was the purpose of the Sons of Liberty?

The Sons of Liberty was a gang like group of people that would hold outdoor meetings and try to intimidate the british stamp distributors.

What did Johnny Tremain do to help the Sons of Liberty?

Johnny Tremain would deliver secret messages in code to the group "The Sons of Liberty". These messages would contain information like when and where the next meeting would be held.

What was the sons of liberty about and who started it?

The Sons of Liberty were men making secret meetings against the British. They had a secret tree also known as the liberty tree. I do not know who started the sons of liberty. The sons of liberty also dumped tea into the British harbor.

Secret organizations opposed to the stamp tax?

Sons Of Liberty

What did the sons of liberty form?

The Sons of Liberty were responsible for the Boston Tea Party.

What was the name of the group that protested against laws like the stamp act?

That was pretty much the Sons of Liberty group.

What year did Sons of Liberty form?

The Sons of Liberty formed the year after the Stamp Act. Can you find that out? The Sons of Liberty formed the year after the Stamp Act. Can you find that out?

What organization organized the Boston Tea Party?

The Sons of Liberty. They were originally started by many people, including Samuel Adams.

Why are the Sons of Liberty considered patriots?

Because the Sons Of Liberty were against the the british Government.