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Conservatives typically belong to the Republican party. Libertarians are fiscally conservative but socially liberal.

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Q: What political party do Conservatives belong to?
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To what political party did Margaret Thatcher belong?

The Conservatives (also known as the Tories).

What political party does Francis Maude belong to?

Francis Maude belongs to the political party of the conservatives. He is the Minister of the Cabinet Office, additionally he is the General Paymaster. He is the son of Angus Maude.

What is the Conservatives in Great Britain?

The Conservatives are a political party and have been in power more than any other political party in British history. As a formal political party they are now (since 1988) the oldest British political party. The Conservatives have been led since 2006 by David Cameron and are currently in opposition. The Conservatives espouse as their political ideology social Conservatism, economic liberalism and pragmatism.

What political party does the premeir of Alberta represent?

The Progressive Conservatives

What political party does Kathy dunderdale represent?

progressive conservatives

What political party is in power in Alberta?

The Conservatives, or rather, the Progressive Conservative party.

What separates labor conservatives liberal democrats and The Green party political parties in England?

Their political views.

Which political party was in power in 1996 for England?

The Conservatives. John Major was PM.

In 1995 which political party was in charge in England?

The Conservatives were in office from 1979-1997.

What political party does Harry belong to?

Democratic Party

What president did not belong to a political party when elected?

George Washington did not belong to any political party. Parties had not yet formed when he was elected.

What provincial political party was started in 1997 by four Liberals and four Conservatives?

* labour