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The Speaker of the House of Commons is removed from Political allegiance: In the General Election it is considered correct to elect the Speaker unopposed. (Although I seem to remember someone stood in opposition to Betty Boothroyd a few years ago). Both Betty Boothroyd & the present incumbent, Michael Martin (Watch this space !) are from the Labour Party.

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Q: What political party is the speaker?
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What state is the Speaker from and what political party does the Speaker belong to?

he is froma republican party and he belongs to Florida

What political party is the current speaker of the house of representatives affiliate with?


Who chose the speaker of the House of Representatives?

A political party that has a strong majority in the House of Representatives gets to choose the speaker.

If the speaker of the house is normally the leader of the?

leader of the House of Representatives

Does the speaker of the house of commons stand unopposed?

Yes, the do not have allegiance to a political party.

Does the speaker of the house have to be the same political party as the president?

No. The speaker of the house is appointed by the majority party in the House, and has always been a member of that party. The speaker can be anyone, even if they are not a member of the House. (barring a breach of balance of powers; i.e. a Governor could not also be the speaker).

What is the political party of the current speaker of the house?

For the 112th Congress (2011-2012), the Speaker of the US House is John Boehner, a Republican representative from Ohio.

What are responsibilities of the speaker of the house?

The responsibilities of the Speaker of the House are that he presides over debates, makes sure that the rules of the House are obeyed, maintains the running order and looks after the administration of the House. The Speaker is independent of any political party.

Is the floor leader the chief officer elected by each political party in Congress?

No, the floor leader is not the chief officer elected by each political party in Congress. The floor leader is a member of Congress who is chosen by their party to guide and coordinate legislative activity on the floor, to advocate for their party's positions, and to communicate with party members. The chief officer elected by each political party in Congress would typically be the party leader, such as the Speaker of the House or the Majority Leader in the Senate.

What is John Boehner's political party?

John Boehner is a Republican Party Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives from the 8th district of Ohio. He is slated to be the next Speaker of the House when the next Congress convenes

Speaker of the house belongs to which party?

The party with the majority of members in the House since the members of the house chooses the Speaker by a vote. In theory a Speaker could be chosen from the minority party but it has never happened.

How is speaker of the house elected?

The Speaker of the House is elected by the members of the House of Representatives. Before the vote each party chooses their candidate. The majority party's candidate will then win the election (assuming his or her party's representatives vote according to the party's decision).