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The growth in the need for the president in crisis.

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Q: What political trend was addressed in the war Powers resolution in the 22nd amendment?
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The War Powers Resolution and the Twenty-Second Amendment addressed which political trend in the 20th century?

growth of presidential power during periods of emergency

The tenth amendment addressed the concerns of anti federalists about?

...The powers of state governments.

Does the Iraq War go against any amendment?

If by "amendment", the question means "amendment to the Constitution of the United States", then, no. The War is seen by some to be in contravention of the War Powers Resolution, which is a Law and not a Constitutional Amendment.

Which amendment states right's?

The tenth amendment is known for being supportive of states' rights. The amendment allows the state to bypass the federal government in regards to specific political powers.

What amendment is the reserve powers amendment?

the 10th

What resolution giving johnson military powers?

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution .

How was the gulf of tokin resolution different from the War Powers Resolution of 1973?

that was passed in 1973, over the objections (and ... The War Powers Resolution came as a direct reaction to the Gulf of ...

What amendment is the powers reserved for the state?

it's the 10th Amendment

Reserved Powers?

powers given to the states by the 10th Amendment

What Amendment to the constitution restricts the powers of the military and its soldiers?

the third amendment

Which amendment gave non-enumerated powers to the states?

The 9th Amendment

Which amendment prevents the federal government from taking powers away from the states and the people?

Amendment 10 (powers of states and people).