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Two Thirds

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Q: What portion of the members of congress must vote in favor of proposing a constitutional amendment?
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When does congress propose an amendment?

In the fall of 1789, the First Congress submitted the first constitutional amendments to the states for ratification. When Virginia representative James Madison introduced those amendments, some members protested that the Constitution was so new that they ought not hurry to change it

How did the 27th amendment affect members of congress?


In which year did members of the constitutional congress signs the constitution?


How many members are needed to ratify an amendment?

two third of congress

Term limits for members of the US Congress can be imposed only by?

constitutional amendments

Until passage of the Seventeenth Amendment members of Congress were elected by who?

the supreme court

How many people are in the constitutional government?

Congress has 545 members, 1 president and Vice President, about 12 cabinet members.

What action would be necessary to limit House members to ONE 6 year term?

constitutional amendment

What does the 20th amendment enforce?

The 20th amendment to the U.S. constitution enforces the commencement of the terms of the President, Vice President, and Members of Congress.

The Great Compromise settled one important issue at the Constitutional Convention, how to ______________.?

Choose members of Congress

Who imposes term limits on Congress?

Voters can set practical term limits on a US Senator or Congressman by voting him or her out of office in the general election. There is no way to pass a law or state constitutional amendment that imposes legal limits on their terms, however, because the US Supreme Court found that unconstitutional in US Term Limits Inc., v. Thornton, (1995).

In what year was the last amendment passed?

The 27th Amendment limits the pay increases of members of congress was ratified on May 7, 1992.