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Neutralists were those who were loyal to England and the king but did not think taxing the American colonies was just. Neutralists ranged from members of Parliament to Colonial slaves. They asked Patriots questions such as: How can you justify the unavoidable cost of life that is coming? Is it worth it? Why not just negotiate with the Crown for greater independence? How can our army possibly win?

How can you justify the unavoidable cost of life that is coming? Is it worth it? 5. How can you be so willing to try to free yourselves when many of you still own slaves that you are not even willing to give a chance at freedom? The French and Indian war was a very expensive war fought for YOUR freedom; do you not believe that you should be taxed for your safety? Is the loss of so many lives and the very high possibility of loss worth it?

They asked questions of the Loyalists such as: Britain is treating us like a primitive colony, not as their outpost in the New World. Why should we take this? Why are British troops stationed here like an occupying force? Are we not loyal subjects of the crown? By supporting the king, how do you benefit? Why should we be taxed? And what benefits do we receive from these taxes?

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the neutralist were people who were"on the fence" meaning that they could not decide who they wanted to side with. some reasons for that could be they believed with the loyalists and the patriots or they were too far away to fight so what was the point.

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Q: What position did Neutralists take during the Revolutionary war?
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The neutralist didnt wanna fight for independence

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During The Revolutionary War, people either sided with the king, loyalists, or people who wanted freedom, patriots. Neutralists were the group who sided with any, they simply did not really care!

Where did the neutralists live?

First of all, it's "where" not "were". If you are talking about loyalist and patriot kind of neutralists then let me tell you that neutralists living in regular homes. They just didn't take any sides. Loyalists are colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain (EXAMPLE: Thomas Hutchinson), patriots are colonists who wanted independence (EXAMPLE: Mercy Otis Warren) and neutralists were colonists who took neither sides. Hope this helped!! :D

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