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Some powers that are reserved to the states are to conduct elections, ratify US Constitution amendments and establish local governments. Other reserved powers are to issue licenses and provide public health and safety.

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The powers that the Constitution does not delegate to the United States and that which is not prohibited to the States are reserved to the State.

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Q: What power are reserved to the states?
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The reserved power under which states protect the public consumers or the environment is sometimes referred to as?

Reserved power

What type of power is one that is held by states government only?


The reserved power clause protected the rights of the?

states {{novanet}}

What are powers called that only states have?

Reserved Power

The Constitution does NOT delegate to the Congress?

The power that is reserved to the states.

What power are given to the states by the U.S Constitution?

Reserved (^_-)

What is Reseved powers?

it is the power that the States have. ReServed powers

What does the term reserved power mean?

The powers not delegated to the national government by the Constitution, nor prohibited to the states, are reserved to the states, or the people

What is the definition of reserved power?

A power set aside by the Constitution for the states or for the people.

What power belong to the US as free and independence?

The powers that are reserved for the people and/or the states, are called "Reserved Powers."

What power does the the constitution give to the states but not to the federal government?


What did the reserved power clause do?

The Reserved powers clause of the Constitution provides that the states have the authority to create their own laws and constitutions. The Reserved powers clause is contained in the 10 amendment of the US Constitution.